Mindful Mondays

Mindful Mondays

The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little.

Jon Kabat-Zinn

How often do you find yourself saying the word “busy?” As in, “Man, things are really busy right now.” Or, “I’ll take care of that project when it’s a little less busy.” How about, “I’d love to make it, but things are so busy at the moment.” Or, perhaps, you simply wake up in the morning with that to-do list racing around your head and just feel in your stomach that things are going to be busy.

Busyness in itself is not inherently bad. In the agricultural world, it’s often simply the way of life. There has been a meme circulating the internet world that kind of summarizes ag life in a nutshell:

And that, there, is the inherent danger of busyness: that we rush and run and work our way right through life, without stopping to take note of it. That one day we look back and find we have missed all of the little things and realize that those, actually were the big things.

This is where mindfulness can help us manage life a little bit better. Or, if not manage it, entirely, appreciate it. Notice it, stop rushing, and just be in the moment.

For the next bit – who knows how long – we honestly haven’t defined it, we’re going to be trying the practice of Mindful Mondays. Of taking a minute to stop, reflect, breathe and savor the moment. See if we can train our brains to be present a little more often, to allow ourselves to be absorbed by what we’re doing in that moment, to slow down the busy and feel a little more of the right now.

We hope you’ll consider joining us by following us on socials on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Look for our Monday posts. Read along. Just take a minute in your day – yes, even on your busy harvest/repair/work/run-around-like-crazy day, and be in the moment.

We’ll be there, being in the moment with you.

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