Making New Year’s Resolutions…Fun??

Making New Year’s Resolutions…Fun??

Making New Year’s Resolutions…Fun??

A question for you:

Who says that New Year’s Resolutions have to feel like a chore?

Who made up that rule? Why do most of us talk about committing to exercise more, eat healthier, de-clutter the house? Yes, these could all possibly be beneficial things, but no, they don’t often seem to stick. By some accounts, only 9% of people who make New Year’s Resolutions actually follow through on them.

But what if we weren’t so focused resolutions being “healthy” – the sort of healthy like Brussel sprouts, where we feel like we should incorporate more of them into our life…but really don’t want to. What if we could just make our resolutions…fun? What if, instead of focusing on what we think we should be doing, we simply made resolutions around more of what bring us joy in life? Joy is a powerful emotion, after all. One that does wonders for relieving stress and promoting well-being.

This New Year, if you’re dragging your feet on making resolutions, we here at AgWell encourage you to consider making some that you actually want to accomplish. Not in the way of wanting to lose 10 pounds but not really wanting to hit the gym, but rather resolutions that will make you laugh, make others smile, or simply let you belt out your favorite bad songs in the car without shame (see #4.)

New year, new you, we often hear. But at AgWell, we’d rather it be, New Year, happy you. To kick that trend off, we brainstormed a list of 10 possible non-boring New Year’s Resolutions. It’s a start…but these don’t even scratch the surface of possibilities! Got more ideas? We’d love to hear them!

10 Resolutions for a Happy New Year

  1. Try every drink that your local coffee shop makes. Find a new favorite!
  2. Commit to petting every dog you run into in public. (With permission, of course.)
  3. Learn to make the perfect taco, then treat yourself to Taco Tuesday all year long.
  4. Make a playlist of all the songs you’re embarrassed that you love, and listen to it at least once per week, preferably belting out the lyrics enthusiastically.
  5. Send an email or a note to a business establishment every time you receive good service and mention the employees who helped you by name. We all could use more positive feedback in life!
  6. Unabashedly take selfies of yourself and post them all over social media or send them to your friends.
  7. Develop 10 new and ridiculous nicknames for your pet, then teach them to answer to them.
  8. Compliment a stranger, daily.
  9. Allow yourself one small monthly splurge with no guilt and no second guessing.
  10. Eat dessert at least once a week.

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