For Yourself: A mini-challenge

For Yourself: A mini-challenge

It’s spring! It’s planting season, it’s calving season, it’s a busy time for farms and ranches. While we might be coming out of the winter months feeling rested and recharged, spring is a good moment to pause and plan for this year’s busy season before it gets overwhelming. It’s an excellent time to set priorities and routines and make them habits before the full chaos of summer hits.

This spring, we’re encouraging you to begin the season thinking about YOURSELF. As the old adage goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup. How can you plan now to keep your cup full through the busiest months of the year? 

Over the next twelve days, we’re challenging you to take some small steps to care for yourself. We’ve compiled a bunch of easy-to-execute ideas, we’ll throw out one a day on social media, we’ve got the whole bunch listed for you here, and we hope you’ll join us in implementing some of them. You don’t have to do them all. You don’t have to do any. You can just ponder them. You can make up your own. But we’d be thrilled if you’d consider participating. We’d love it if you did a few nice things for yourself. We’d give you a huge (virtual) high five If you took a few minutes to fill your cup, before moving along to whatever the day’s work may bring. 

Check out the list. Share your own ideas. Send us photos or messages with your updates.

We always love to hear from you.

The “It’s the Little Things” Challenge

Take care of yourself for 12 days straight!

Photo by Alysha Rosly on Unsplash
  1. Clean and organize a personal space.
  2. Spend time with a pet. Don’t have a pet? Spend time with a friend’s pet! (And your friend!)
  3. Spend 15 minute with a friend. Take a walk, meet for a brief coffee, talk on the phone. Just commit to 15 minutes.
  4. Make a point of eating your favorite food.
  5. Take the time to make a playlist of your favorite songs, and use them to rock out to chores.
  6. Take a nap. Power nap or extended nap. Just give yourself napping permission.
  7. Read good news. Make it a habit. Don’t know where to find good news? Try here, here, and here to start!
  8. Put your phone in airplane mode for one hour.
  9. Buy a magazine you want to read (even if it’s kind of embarrassing. Glamour? Go for it! Cat Fancy? Count us in!) Then read it in a comfy space with a beverage of choice.
  10. Spend 10 minutes watching funny animal videos. Make it a goal to laugh until you cry.
  11. Watch the sunrise, sunset, or starts at night. Breathe.
  12. Say no to something. It’s okay not to be overextended.

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