Cultivating Support Networks for America’s Growers

Who We Are

AgWell is a program sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union, and supported by grants from the Western Regional Agricultural Stress Assistance Program and the Colorado Trust

Founded in 2021 as an organization designed to provide stress management support to agricultural workers throughout Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico, AgWell works through a collaborative network of community partners to connect farmers, ranchers, agricultural workers, and their families to the resources they need to get the support they deserve.

What We Do:

We uplift the lives of America’s producers by wiping out the stigma and shame of asking for help. We connect rural farmers and ranchers to stress management resources including, but not limited to, suicide prevention, substance abuse, general mental health resources, financial resources, and more. Most importantly, we connect agricultural workers to members of their own community who understand the challenges that the agriculture industry faces, and who have been trained to help struggling farmers, ranchers, and other industry workers find help.

How We Do It:

Community is the fabric that weaves us together, and no one understands a community better than its own members. AgWell operates by pulling on the strength and wisdom of leaders and roles models within rural communities throughout the Rocky Mountain tri-state region of Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico. AgWell cultivates relationships and access to a wide network of support and resources. We then reach out to local community leaders within rural regions to train them in how to best support strained agricultural workers. Ours is a peer-to-peer network built upon a common understanding of the unique challenges of rural living, farming, and ranching.

Meet Our Team

While we pull on volunteers and resources throughout the tri-state region, our program is run by a small team of the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union. 

Our Partners

Find more information about the organizations and communities that we work with.

Play a Part

We’re always seeking to add community members and organizations to our network. If you’re interested in volunteering or know of potential resources, please feel free to contact us!

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